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  • Re-Steel’s Unique LEED v4 Supply Chain

    “Working with Re-Steel and its major suppliers underscored their commitment to sustainability reporting and given that concrete reinforcing bar is a staple in today’s buildings and infrastructure, we expect that Re-Steel’s EPD will be welcomed by its customers and often cited” – Jamie Meil, Principal Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

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    Since 1973

    Re-Steel has been making bridges, highways, stadiums and high-rise buildings safer and more durable.

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    Re-Steel is a proud member of

    the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI). We adhere to their strict standards, regulations and specifications.

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    Re-Steel’s Estimating Department

    provides reliable and accurate estimates for virtually any construction project. Request a quote today.

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    Our knowledgeable, progressive, and skilled experts

    will proficiently manage your project from beginning to end.

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    You can rely on Re-Steel

    to fabricate and supply high quality rebar, wire mesh, continuous spirals, anchor bolts, couplers, and bar supports for all of your construction projects.

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    We stock a complete inventory

    of rebar sizes and other reinforcing steel products in both black and an epoxy coating.

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    Re-Steel’s products support

    bridges, highways, major sports stadiums, high-rise buildings, and many other large-scale construction projects.

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